A400M confirmed as Berlin flyer

Airbus Military announced last Friday that it has pushed back its delivery plan for the first production A400M until during the second quarter of 2013, due to delay encountered while engine supplier Europrop International fixes a problem with the TP400-D6 (BillyPix image below).

A400M 560.jpgThe good news for those of us heading to the ILA air show next week is that the company will have one of its “Grizzly” test aircraft in Berlin, with this having been confirmed for both the static and flying displays. We probably shouldn’t expect to see it perform the eye-popping 120˚ angle of bank manoeuvre first pulled at ILA 2010 though (picture credit BillyPix).

Wing 560.jpg

France will be the first nation to operate the Atlas, with Germany’s Luftwaffe to receive its first of 53 examples in 2014.

I’ll be reporting on the latest developments affecting the A400M Atlas programme from the show next week. If you’ve got any specific questions you’d like asked, please let me know.


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