F-35 and Spitfire get side-by-side at Edwards

Two historic combat aircraft sit side-by-side in this stunning image, which was captured by Lockheed Martin photographer Matthew Short at the US Air Force’s Edwards AFB late on 14 September.

JSF Spit 560-c-matthew short lm.jpgWorld War II-era Mk XIV Spitfire NX749DP was at the base as part of a “Battle of Britain Night” event organised by the UK Joint Strike Fighter Test and Evaluation Squadron, according to a news release issued by the Edwards public affairs office.

Described as “the highlight of the evening”, the classic fighter “made passes over the flightline before taxiing in to the 461st Flight Test Squadron Ramp,” it adds.

An academic question, as there’s no two-seater version of the F-35, but which aircraft would you rather fly in (not into combat, clearly)? As a Brit, it would have to be the R J Mitchell experience for me.


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