Norway celebrates 100 years of air power

A few days ago on September 1-2, Norway celebrated 100-years of air power.  The event was held in central Oslo central Oslo in the harbor in front of city hall. It gathered well over 150,000 people, according to Norwegian defense spokesman Endre Lunde. “This is amazing – we have never had an event like it before.”

The Norwegian put together this video, and sent over these photos…

If you look closely on the monitor behind the F-35 mockup, the old man on the big screen behind is Per Waaler, one of the Norwegian pilots who scrambled to face off against the German invasion on 9 April 1940.

20120901th_ 244.jpgNorway is, of course, buying the F-35… but they probably won’t have to worry about going in for round two with the Germans and their Eurofighter Typhoons. Or do they? (totally kidding of course… don’t flood my inbox )

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