Saab says ECA; who they?

I was intrigued to see that ECA Program (you might remember them as the Amsterdam-based company which is looking to raise funds to buy a dazzling array of combat aircraft from places like China, Israel, Russia and Sweden to deliver an aggressor training service for NATO air forces) now has its own ‘Air Power Blog’.

The first, and so far only, post provides an in-depth look at the emergence of China’s new J-21/J-31/F-60 fighter design, and on its significance for the USA and Russia. Not surprisingly, the conclusion is that Washington and its allies will have to get better training; presumably in the form of the IOPFOR concept touted by ECA. More surprisingly, Beijing’s new aircraft isn’t yet on its shopping list.

On that subject, Saab has at last reacted to ECA’s claims of a pending deal to acquire Gripen E/Fs (Saab image of F development aircraft below), after a banner ad appeared on Bloomberg’s website seeking private investors to underwrite the deal. Bizarrely, this referred to it as being “The 10th Air Force in the World”, despite there being a rather telling lack of current assets to back this up.

Gripen 560.jpgSaab’s comment that it “Has not heard about ECA Program” is another stark warning to anyone tempted by this scheme – just in case its ludicrous recent suggestion that it could buy “Lavi 2″ fighters from Israel Aerospace Industries hadn’t already done the job. Wallets away, DEW Liners!


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