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Special report: Savvy Swedes

Our new issue of Flight International contains an eight-page Sweden country special report, with a stunning cover image of an air force Gripen taken by Gunnar Åkerberg. I contributed an 1,800-word piece on the Swedish air force’s current activities, including a look back at the Gripen’s reconnaissance role over Libya (the nation’s first operational commitment with […]

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What we learned from Zhuhai

Flightglobal’s blockbuster defence offering this week includes a great analysis from our Singapore-based colleague Greg Waldron about the offerings on show at last week’s Airshow China event in Zhuhai. As expected, there was some interesting new kit to be seen, including a model of an advanced fighter concept, which looked more than a bit like the Shenyang […]

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Denmark falls for Romeo

AgustaWestland suffered a Danish tragedy on 21 November, when the nation’s defence ministry confirmed the selection of the rival Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin MH-60R Seahawk (US Navy image below) to meet its future shipborne helicopter requirements. Nine “Romeos” will be delivered between 2016 and 2018 under the deal, which still requires the final go-ahead from Denmark’s finance ministry. […]

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Sims help develop F-35 tactics, techniques and procedures

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States so the DEW Line will be quiet for the next few days–unless Craig finds something he thinks is worthy of posting. They don’t have Thanksgiving in England… Barbarians. It’s been an all F-35 all the time type of week, so I’ll leave you guys with one more. […]

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Lockheed M-21 Blackbird at Boeing Museum of Flight

During last week’s media tour of the Pacific Northwest I wasfortunate to be able to stop off at the Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle. The Museum of Flight is one of the best aviation museums inthe United States and it gives the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum a good runfor its money. In some […]

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VMFA-121 becomes first operational F-35 squadron, Marines find ALIS workaround

The US Marine Corps has officially stood-up its firstoperational Lockheed Martin F-35B squadron when VMFA-121 turned in its Boeing F/A-18Hornets for the new jets in a ceremony earlier today (November 20). This is an F-35A destined for the USAF’s portion of the operational test program–it’s NOT an F-35B (Lockheed Martin photo) Also, the unit took […]

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Lockheed Martin F-35A high alpha testing video

Lockheed Martin released this video of the F-35A-model jetperforming high angle-of-attack testing at Edwards AFB, California, on 19November. The aircraft started high AOA testing back in October after it finishedengine air start testing. The F-35 has an angle-of-attack limit of 50 degrees,but a source familiar with the design says it could potentially exceed that.

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Aircraft upset recovery training in Phoenix

The DEW Line doesn’t normally cover civilian aviation, butthe certain issues are important enough to warrant special attention–such asrecovering an aircraft from upset conditions. Upset conditions begin in aroughly defined “box” where the bank angles exceed 45˚ and attitudesexceed 25˚ nose-up and 10˚ nose-down for large jet aircraft. Typically, civilian pilot training does not cover […]

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Last Boeing P-8 Poseidon LRIP I aircraft almost ready for delivery

The third day of our Boeing media tour of the PacificNorthwest afforded our pitiful hung-over band the opportunity to visit Boeing’s737 production line and to visit part of the P-8 Poseidon production line. To build the P-8, which is basically a 737 Next Gen 800fuselage with 900 wings, Boeing created a third ITAR-compliant line to […]

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US Navy’s transition from Prowlers to Growlers proceeding smoothly

The second day of our Boeing media trip to the PacificNorthwest found our motley band of defense reporters at Naval Air StationWhidbey Island, near Oak Harbor, Washington. The base is in the midst of a transition from the venerable,but still capable, Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler electronic attack aircraft tothe new Boeing EA-18G Growler–which is based […]

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