Recovering a ScanEagle


Today, I was visiting Insitu’s flight test site in GilliamCounty, Oregon. I’d been there before in June, where I witnessed the launch andrecovery of a ScanEagle drone. While last time I only managed to record thelaunch, this time I only got the recovery.


But Insitu was also showing-off their latest Integratordrone. It’s much larger than the ScanEagle and will form the basis of the futureUS Navy and Marine Corps RQ-21A STUAS drone fleet. While the full-up versionhas completed developmental and operational testing on land and is gearing upfor sea-trials, the Department of the Navy has bought two Integrators for anearly operational capability. scanInteg.jpg

Apparently, there are other customers for the Integrator, butInsitu is not allowed to say exactly whom though.


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