Sims help develop F-35 tactics, techniques and procedures

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States so the DEW Line will be quiet for the next few days–unless Craig finds something he thinks is worthy of posting. They don’t have Thanksgiving in England… Barbarians.

It’s been an all F-35 all the time type of week, so I’ll leave you guys with one more.

000v2--8139329683_f9f229f848_o.jpgAs you guys are undoubtedly aware, the three US Marine Corps F-35B jets that just arrived at MCAS Yuma, Arizona, are not “operationally capable” right now since they only have Block 1B hardware and software. As such, they have an extremely limited envelope and no combat capability. The idea is that they’ll be building a base of expertise in the jet until such time as they are capable of employing the jet in a combat configuration. Block 2B for the Marines, Block 3F for everyone else.

But they’re not just going to be bashing the pattern at Yuma; they’ll be using their simulators to develop the tactics and concepts of operations for the F-35. It’s a tri-service effort apparently. No doubt the US Air Force’s extensive experience with stealth aircraft, particularly the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, will play a huge role in that. Despite the difference in the two jets’ roles and missions, there are lessons that the F-35 guys can draw from the USAF’s premiere air superiority fighter.

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