Video: Hitler explains sequestration

wile_e_coyote.jpgSequestration… It takes effect on January 2nd 2013, just after the New Year, and automatically chops about $500 billion from the US Defense Department’s budget.  That is unless the Congress and executive branch can come to an agreement to stop it. What is sequestration? And what might happen if it actually goes into effect? It’s all very complicated, but in this video Adolf Hitler explains everything in a nutshell. WARNING:Video contains explict subtitles. So if you’re the easily-offended sensitive PC type, don’t watch it Will it really be that bad? I don’t know, and it’s doubtful anyone else does either, but Adolf seems to think it’s pretty catastrophic. We’ll find out in just a little bit over a month.

UPDATE: Frank Kendall, the AT&L, spoke about this topic this afternoon. Read the story here.

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