What we learned from Zhuhai

Flightglobal’s blockbuster defence offering this week includes a great analysis from our Singapore-based colleague Greg Waldron about the offerings on show at last week’s Airshow China event in Zhuhai.

As expected, there was some interesting new kit to be seen, including a model of an advanced fighter concept, which looked more than a bit like the Shenyang J-31 first flown in October. Questions remain though over the true status of Beijing’s advances into stealth technology, and also – if it really has some good technology to offer – whether it would be willing to sell it on to other nations.

The rhetoric seems to have come down a notch at this Zhuhai event, however, with less evidence of bombastic exhibits like the mural depicting a WJ-600 unmanned air vehicle attacking what was clearly a US Navy destroyer at the 2010 show. The UAV was back, but this time its foe was a generic surface vessel.

Rotorheads will have been excited to see debut flying appearances by two attack helicopters: the AS365-inspired Z-19 and the heavier WZ-10. I think someone spent quite a while looking at the AW129 Mangusta for this one, but you decide (Rex Features image of the WZ-10 below).

wz-10 560.jpg


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