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1st two UK pilots pause at their second new F-35B, BK-2.jpg

Royal Air Force/Royal Navy F-35B training to start in January at Eglin AFB

The United Kingdom’s first Lockheed Martin F-35B JointStrike Fighter (JSF) underwent a functional check flight (FCF) at Eglin AirForce Base, Florida, on December 18 in preparation for Royal Air Force andRoyal Navy pilots starting training in January. The aircraft was cleared for flight under an interim UKmilitary flight test permit and was flown by US […]

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What will replace the F-15E Strike Eagle?

The US Air Force hopes to keep its fleet of Boeing F-15EStrike Eagle multirole fighters in service into the 2030s, but it has nodefinitive plan to eventually replace those aircraft.   Read the full article here   The Strike Eagle is arguably the best multirole combataircraft in the USAF’s inventory. No other fighter offers the […]

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The Lockheed L-225 nuclear-powered bomber–can you imagine if this thing had actually been built?

This Lockheed aircraft design from 1951 is for anuclear-powered bomber–which the United States and the Soviet Union had both exploreddeveloping during the Cold War. According to Lockheed Martin, the L-225 design was thecompany’s second attempt at a bomber powered by a small nuclear reactor.   Ultimately, neither the US nor the USSR actually built anoperational […]

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Free download: World Air Forces 2013

The current print issue of Flight International includes our annual World Air Forces directory; a detailed snapshot of the active-duty inventories of 160 nations around the globe. It’s no exaggeration to say that we work around the clock to bring you the directory, which this year pulls together data on almost 52,000 aircraft included in […]

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ATFS 400 Phoenix-can it truly replicate the feel of flying a fighter?

Just how well simulators work for fighter applications is debatable. The consensus is that sims are great for replicating large scale exercises with realistic weapons and visuals, but they are less effective at simulating close range visual engagements and building general airmanship. Read my military simulation feature here. One of the biggest limitations is that […]

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US Navy delays UCLASS draft RFP

The US Navy is delaying its Unmanned Carrier-Launched Surveillance and Strike (UCLASS) aircraft program. The draft request for proposals has been delayed until the first couple of months of 2013, possibly due to the program’s requirements being held up at the Joint Requirements Oversight Council. Read the full story here But the Navy still wants […]

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US Navy starts X-47B deck handling trials at sea onboard USS Harry S Truman

The US Navy has started deck-handling trials for the Northrop Grumman X-47B unmanned combat aircraft system demonstrator onboard the USS Harry S Truman (CVN-75). The Navy has released some high-resolution shots and video of the event. If everything works out as planned–testing on the ship and shore-based testing with catapults and arresting gear–the X-47B will […]

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Russia’s Su-34 fleet found to have serious defects

The United States isn’t the only country to have trouble with new developmental aircraft. According to the Russian newspaper Izvestia, the country’s recently acquired Sukhoi Su-34 strike fighters have significant operational limitations due to various manufacturing defects. Of the 16 jets in service, each one has its own unique set of problems. Read the article here… […]

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Video: KC-390 wind tunnel tests

Brazil, an emerging economic powerhouse, has been steadily developing its aerospace industry since it established Embraer in 1969. Over the years, Embraer established itself as a serious player in the commercial aviation sector where they make regional airliners and business jets. They also build some military hardware such as the EMB-314 Super Tucano turboprop counterinsurgency […]

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China upset at being called out for reverse engineering Su-33

China is upset at being called out for reverse engineering the Shenyang J-15 carrier-based fighter from the Russian Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker. The Chinese argue in the People’s Daily–a state media organization–that the J-15 is more advanced than the Su-33. Read the People’s Daily article here “Su-33 is equipped with old-fashioned ARINC429 discrete avionics system of […]

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