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Boeing Phantom Eye: Second take-off, first successful landing

Yesterday, Andrew Mallow, Boeing Phantom Work’s program manager for the Phantom Eye hydrogen-powered high altitude demonstrator and Brad Shaw, the project’s chief engineer, held a press conference about their aircraft’s recent second flight. While the second flight of a company-funded test vehicle isn’t normally particularly noteworthy, in the case of the Phantom Eye, this was […]

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A-29 Super Tucano wins LAS tender

Embraer’s A-29 Super Tucano has won the US Air Force’s Light Air Support contract to supply Afghanistan with an initial batch of 20 aircraft. But compared to the last go-around for this tender (it was originally awarded in December 2011, before Beechcraft protested and sued); the cost is about 20% higher. My colleague Steve Trimble […]

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Could sequestration herald the rebirth of the Raptor?

There are few who would dispute that the Congressional sequestration, set to go into effect on 1 March, will be seriously damaging for the US Air Force and the other services. But could it also herald the rebirth of the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor? Amy McCullough at the Air Force Association’s Air Force Magazine spoke […]

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Was there ever a YF-24?

Was there ever a YF-24? The US Air Force says no. “Our historians said there is no record of there ever having been a YF-24,” says Lt Col Max Despain, an Air Force spokeswoman at the Pentagon. “Perhaps it’s being mistaken for an X-24 which wasn’t a fighter?” That said, this old bio for a […]

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Transall meets A400M 560.jpg

Europe’s Transall turns 50

Thanks to my Air & Cosmos buddy Guillaume Steuer for reminding me that today is the 50th anniversary of the Transall’s first flight. The phrase “venerable” probably doesn’t do justice to the European-designed transport, which remains in use with the air forces of France, Germany and Turkey, and which is most prominently currently supporting France’s […]

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Boeing’s upgraded F-15E Strike Eagle model at AFA

Boeing had a very small presence at the Air ForceAssociation’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando. But the company did bring thismodel of an upgraded F-15E Strike Eagle to the show.   Most immediately noticeable is that the aircraft has its twoouter-wing weapons stations activated (which the F-15 always had, but aren’tnormally used)–something that’ll be featured […]

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USAF may have to take drastic actions under sequester

If the Congressional sequester goes into effect on 1 Marchas is now expected, the US Air Force may be forced to take drastic actionswhich will severely impact the readiness of the combat air forces for years tocome. Those draconian actions include cancelling major large forceexercises like Red Flag and Northern Edge, Air Force Secretary Michael […]

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AFA Air Warfare Symposium: Beechcraft, BAE show-off AT-6 and T-X sims respectively

This year’s Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium inOrlando was understandably downbeat. Fewer US Air Force officials and theirindustry counterparts showed up due to the current fiscal climate. But somecontractors did show off their hardware. Their efforts paid-off, because whilefewer service officials attended, many top USAF officers did make the journeyto Florida. Beechcraft was one […]

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More details about Lockheed’s Cuda missile

Lockheed Martin displayed a model of its prospective Cudaair-to-air missile at the Air Force Association’s Air Warfare Symposium inOrlando earlier today. The company had some additional details about their newweapon, but the display itself was actually tucked away in a distant corner oftheir booth. Read the full story here This is a picture of the […]

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VIDEO: Up close and personal with Norwegian F-16s

Our friends at the Norwegian MoD sent us this link to a recent video showing cold-weather ops at Orland air base, involving six Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters from the air force’s 338 Sqn. I’m told that the caption asks whether you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stand 10m away from an F-16 on take-off, so if […]

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