After Iran; an aircraft model that really could fly

The emergence of Iran’s new “stealth fighter”, the Qaher 313, has got us all talking about ludicrous designs and crazy performance claims, so how about this as a follow-on?

Sokol subsequently posted another image of the Altius on its website, which our editorial artist Tim Bicheno-Brown has tidied up a bit for your enjoyment. As you can see, it’s a high-winged, presumably twin-turboprop-powered design, with a bit of a Global Hawk-style tail going on. Top marks to development partner Tranzas though, for saying that it will offer “colossal range and endurance”.

altius 560.jpg
I think the Altius looks like a plausible medium-altitude, long-endurance concept, and let’s face it: it has massively more chance of happening than Tehran’s recent and less than convincing offering. First flight of the Russian UAV could occur in 2014, according to local media.

By the way, if you haven’t voted on our current poll about the Qaher 313 then please take a few seconds to do by clicking here. It’s currently looking like bad news for Mr Ahmadinejad, with fewer than 10% of voters taking it seriously.


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