Ton in the sun: milestone C295 in Seville

This future C295 was being moved from the “light and medium” final assembly line at Airbus Military’s San Pablo site over the runway while I was in Seville late last week, and the “100″ sticker beneath the cockpit caught my eye.

c295 100.jpg
Hopefully I’m not missing something by thinking that this must be the 100th C295 to be produced, as the company is cranking them out at an impressive rate these days. I’m not sure on the intended customer for this aircraft, but nations with them in the pipeline at the moment include Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Oman and Poland.

I also enjoyed a low pass involving MSN10 – the fourth production example of the A400M – during a tour of the Atlas assembly line. Scheduled to be delivered to the French air force in December 2013, the aircraft was towed out of the Station 40 structural integration spot while we were in the hangar.

msn10 560.jpg
You can read about the first flight plan for France’s and the programme’s first aircraft here. I’ll be filing a more detailed A400M update later in the week.


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