VIDEO: Up close and personal with Norwegian F-16s

Our friends at the Norwegian MoD sent us this link to a recent video showing cold-weather ops at Orland air base, involving six Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters from the air force’s 338 Sqn.

I’m told that the caption asks whether you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stand 10m away from an F-16 on take-off, so if you have, then give it a spin. Actually, I’d ask what pilots 3 and 4 had for breakfast, as they seemed to need rather more runway than their colleagues to get airborne.Watching the video reminds me of my one time aboard a US Navy aircraft carrier, when I stood about that far away from an F-14 as it did a catapult launch. If you’ve ever wondered how that feels, it’s as if someone is trying to rip your spleen out. Happy days…


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