A400M’s civil certification: mind the gaps

Airbus Military has cleared one of the last requirements leading to its delivery of the first A400M transport ahead of June’s Paris air show, with EASA having approved full civil type certification on 13 March.

If tech-specs are your thing, then you’ll find this link to the full type certification document more than a bit interesting. It confirms some key elements, like a 31,000ft (9,450m) operating ceiling, Mach 0.72 maximum speed and a maximum take-off weight of 132t.

But as one keen-eyed correspondent has already pointed out to me, the EASA document says that the tactical airlifter’s civil approval currently excludes its ability to carry any passengers or cargo, to fly in icing conditions or during extended operations over water. We shouldn’t get too excited by that, though, as such details will be included in ongoing talks with the French air force to finalise its initial operating capability standard for MSN7, which was first flown in Spain on 6 March (Airbus Military-sourced image below).

MSN7 560.jpg


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