VIDEO: F/A-18s, Su-30s, an A380, and a big bang at LIMA

This week I had the opportunity to report from the LangkawiInternational Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition.  Owing to horrendously slow Internet – this resortisland is just not set up for thousands of business visitors toting data hungrysmart phones and PCs – I was unable to tweet, let alone post video and imagesto the DEW Line.

The show was a literal fighter fest. All the likely contenders in Malaysia’s future multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) competition for 18 fighters werethere. These included the Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, Saab Gripen,Eurofighter Typhoon, and Dassault Rafale.  They were all on static and all performedflying displays. In addition, RMAF Su-30MKMs performed daily, as did theRussian Knights with their Su-27s.  It remindedme of Aero India in 2011, which was a superb show for fighter aficionados.

I took a bunch of videos, but the pair posted with this blogentry are my favourites. The one above includes Su-30MKMs and F/A-18s at theshow’s opening ceremony.  The best partcomes at the end of the video – although I jumped out of my skin at the time. 

The video below shows an MAS A380 in formation with fourSu-30MKMs. Wicked cool. The A380 had landed that morning on a revenue flight onLDN-KUL, flew up to Langkawi for the flypast, and then returned to KUL for itsnext flight. Airbus promotes the A380 as an efficient tool for airlines, butthis is the way aircraft are really supposed to be used.


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