VIDEO: Some good footage of Y-20

I came across a decent news video of the Xian Y-20. It appears to have been shot at different times before the aircraft started touting its new black paint scheme a few weeks back. 

I don’t speak Mandarin, so I asked my colleague Mavis Toh (a keen observer of the ARJ21 and C919 programmes) to have a look. The video does not seem to offer anything of interest about the Y-20′s engines, when a Chinese engine will be ready, how many aircraft will be obtained, number of flights thus far, and number of prototypes planned, etc.

What it does offer is a few close up shots of the aircraft’s wheels, and a brief glimpse into the cockpit from the nose. It’s hard to tell, but the cockpit looks very spacious. They also don’t open the rear ramp. I suspect the cargo hold is full of testing equipment, so perhaps there is some sensitivity here. 

After my last Y-20 post transport aircraft expert @eamonhamilton tweeted this: “Twin-track main landing gear bogies means it’ll be restricted to hard concrete runways.” The IL-76 has four-trackers, while the C-17 has three-trackers.

Four minutes into the video there is some good close up footage of the Y-20′s main-landing gear. It looks a bit on the light side compared with the Russian and American transports.

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