F-35B vertical takeoff video

At long last, Lockheed Martin has released the video of thefirst F-35B vertical takeoff on 10 May. For whatever reason, NAVAIR and theF-35 Joint Program Office would not clear this for release at the time of theevent. 8681138696_b112b3cb72_b.jpg

Anyways, vertical takeoff is a US Marine Corps requirement,however it’s only intended from repositioning the jet where a short takeoff isnot possible. That’s because the F-35B can only do a vertical takeoff whilelightly loaded with about 4,500lbs of gas–meaning it wouldn’t be carrying atactically significant payload.


But then neither does the AV-8B Harrier carry a tacticallysignificant payload when that aircraft performs a vertical takeoff. It’s thesame concept of operations for both jets.

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