Le Bourget medley

Here are some of the assorted photos I took while at Le Bourget. Over here, you can see the Ukrainian-built Antonov An-70 with its prop-fans and a smaller regional jet liner built by the company behind the Embraer A-29 Super Tucano in the foreground.Paris-2013-an-70-Super-T.jpgIn one of the halls I spotted this–we covered them last year, but here they are again. These guys are going to make the ram air turbine for the Navy’s Next Generation Jammer–the contracts for which are due out next month. The display shows what a hypothetically NGJ jammer might look like, but it would not be carried on an F/A-18C like this. The company’s representative told me that they had hoped that no one would notice that it was not an EA-18G Growler–but it was cheap. But cool model nonetheless.NGJ-Paris-chalet.jpgHere is a shot of the Airbus A400M landing, which I took from our chalet. Impressive demo for a stategic airlifter, though it wasn’t  quite Su-35S good. A400chalet-paris.jpgThis last shot is of the original Dassault Rafale prototype, which was quite different from the current production aircraft–kinda like how the YF-22 is very different from the production F-22 Raptor. This version of the Rafale was powered by General Electric F404s just like the original Hornet.  It was larger than I expected and it seems larger than the current production jets–but I could be wrong. Rafale-A-Paris-2013.jpg


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