PARIS 2013: Two-seat JF-17 model

PAS2013-JF-17-two-seat.jpgThe FG defense team noticed this model of a two-seat Chengdu JF-17 fighter, though it looks like it also has fatter spine aft of the cockpit. The engine nozzle also looks different from the Klimov RD-93, so this model would probably be equipped with the Guizhou WS-13 turbofan. Our Asia expert Greg Waldron will have more on this later–assuming the Chinese feel like talking (and they often do).



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One Response to PARIS 2013: Two-seat JF-17 model

  1. FOSTER 12 August, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    two seat jf-17 change to 4 way FLW(FLY BY WIRE)

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