Independence Day edition: FLIR cam footage of the Su-35S in Paris


Happy Fourth of July everyone! What better way to celebrateAmerica casting off the shackles of cruel British despotism than by watchingthe Russian Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker-E flying its demo in France (which played notan insignificant role in securing this nation’s freedom)?

At long last, Flightglobal’s Paris 2013 air show FLIR camcoverage is available. This footage was shot with a FLIR Systems Star Saphire380 HD electro-optical infrared camera. While most of the footage is very good,there are some glitches when the AI loses track of the Flanker or there areproblems switching to infrared–it’s not the camera’s fault, wasn’t reallydesigned to film fighter aircraft at air shows. 


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