Is this what the Lockheed Martin LRS-B concept looks like?

Lockheed Martin released this promotional video of their famed Skunk Works division a couple of weeks ago. The video highlights the company’s historic achievements but also shows off some more recent concepts. In a segment titled “Global Strike” was this aircraft–could this be what Lockheed’s Long Range Strike-Bomber proposal might look like?

Lockheed-LRSb.jpgWell, the answer is probably not, but cool concept. The US Air Force’s ambitions for the LRS-B are for a more modest aircraft from what few indications there are.

Lockheed-sixth-gen.jpgAlso here are a couple of images of Lockheed’s sixth-gen F-22 replacement concept, which ironically looks a lot like the Northrop YF-23.Lockheed-sith-gen=2.jpg.

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