PICTURE: A400M flies in Bastille Day rehearsal; but which one?

We wrote a lot around the time of the Paris air show about how France’s Bastille Day flypast (which will take place over Paris on 14 July) was a target for the nation to have accepted its first A400M tactical transport.

I wasn’t so sure at the time whether the apparent urgency of this aspiration would be matched by the speed of the acceptance process being taken by the nation’s DGA defence procurement agency (which said only that it was looking for “the soonest possible delivery”), and the appearance of Airbus Military’s development aircraft “Grizzly 3″ in a pre-event rehearsal provides an answer.

a400m 560.jpg
France’s route to accepting lead production aircraft MSN7 remains ongoing, and could take a few more weeks to get through, but there are apparently no show-stoppers facing the airlifter being transferred.

You might be curious as to why this French air force formation with a Dassault Rafale at the bottom right also includes a Eurofighter, because I was. The German combat aircraft is taking part to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the bilateral Élysée Treaty, apparently.


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