VIDEO: The DEW Line (UK branch) versus the Mach Loop

With blue skies above and the sun shining on the UK (not something we’d been used to seeing in 2013 before last week), it feels like a good time to air some fun footage from a recent simulator ride I had at BAE Systems’ Warton site in Lancashire.

BAE has long used a development simulator to support work by its test pilots for the Eurofighter Typhoon, including for rehearsing air show displays, and set up a bit of a challenge for visiting hacks to enjoy.

For those of you not familiar with what is probably the UK’s most famous low flying area, the Mach Loop is a challenging series of valleys in west Wales, notable for providing snappers with the chance to photograph hard-turning combat aircraft from above.

I’ve never had the chance to fly around it in real life, and I’m not sure that the video evidence below will see the Royal Air Force offering to put me at the controls of one of its Typhoons any time soon. But here’s hoping that I might be able to have a go at beating my best time of 2min 47s one day.

Time penalties were on offer for failing to fly through/close enough to the marker rings, and any perceived contact with a hillside around the 2:26 point would, I’m assured “have buffed out”.


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