Air show ban – what air show ban?

We’ve reported previously on one of the weird knock-on effects of Congressional sequestration – namely the US DoD’s inability to commit aircraft to appear at the last several major international air shows, due to budget constraints.

It was too wet to have got outside to see them in Paris anyway, but odd nonetheless to not view the usual C-17 and C-130J on the tarmac, or a Super Hornet clawing the sky.

Apparently someone in DC has found some cash down the back of the couch, or else the ‘no air show’ thing simply doesn’t apply in the Gulf. According to the Dubai air show’s organisers, those of us heading to the event towards the end of next week – and perhaps suffering from a bit of US air power withdrawal symptoms – are in for a treat.

If the most recent list of planned exhibiting aircraft is to be believed, the US Air Force should have an F-15E, F-22, B-1B and C-130J in town, with the navy also due to fly in an E-2C. For its part, the Marine Corps is down as likely to bring four MV-22Bs, an AH-1Z and a UH-1Y.

C-17 at Dubai 2011

Want more? Including industry-supported models you can expect these too: 2 x F/A-18E Super Hornets, a C-17, P-8A, CH-47F, AH-64D, and an AH-6I. Boeing has already supplied two C-17s to Qatar and four to the United Arab Emirates, and has some unassigned white tails to sell in a hurry (USAF image above, showing the UAE’s Al Fursan display team in the background).

Of course, other military aircraft are available, so we’ll also get to see the likes of the Rafale and Typhoon, plus a first Dubai appearance for the A400M and MC-27J.

We’ll have a large reporting team at the Dubai show’s new site, with our duties to include producing our Flight Daily News publications. You’ll be able to keep up to speed with all the happenings on our dedicated show landing page, with things to really get started on 17 November.

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