Trouble and strafe for Dutch F-16 pilot

Spare perhaps just a little sympathy for the hapless Dutch F-16 pilot who found that hitting the right target was a little bit beyond him during a training flight on 4 November.

As detailed in Anno Gravemaker’s report for Flightglobal’s defence news channel, the F-16AM pilot was supposed to be strafing a ground target at the Netherlands’ Vliehors range, but instead managed to place a few 20mm cannon rounds into the range control tower, some 500m away. With only minor damage caused to the structure and thankfully no injuries incurred by the two personnel who had been inside the structure at the time, we can be fairly sure that the squadron banter will be pretty merciless.

Incidents like this – which is not the first of its kind to have happened at Vliehors, or elsewhere for that matter – underline the importance of conducting such training activities; hopefully the next time this pilot has to strafe a ground target (Royal Netherlands Air Force file image below) he’ll have more success.

Dutch F-16 in Afghanistan


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One Response to Trouble and strafe for Dutch F-16 pilot

  1. RC 12 November, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    Here’s a picture of the control tower:!image/1422383880.jpg

    Even considering the Dutch weather and its persisten cloud cover, maybe a visit to the eye doctor would be appropriate. Mind you, if this pilot could make such a mistake during an exercise in his home country, I shudder thinking about what he may have been shooting at in a combat situation in Afghanistan…

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