UAE: not easy as 123

We’ll be going quiet on The DEW Line for the next week and a bit, as we take in some festive rest and recuperation.

But before I power down the posts for a bit, how about the United Arab Emirates ending its interest in the Eurofighter Typhoon (company-provided image below)? There had been a lot of optimism in the run-up to November’s Dubai air show that a deal could be done, but in typical UAE style, it all came to nothing. Dassault had been in the same optimistic position a couple of years before with its Rafale, while in the trainer sector an expected buy of the Alenia Aermacchi M-346 also fell late in the talks process.

Typhoon Dubai

In a forecast article written before the UAE news broke on 19 December, I said that we probably shouldn’t expect anything to be finalised before the IDEX or Dubai shows in 2015, or maybe even later. Not that I really know anything, but surely the aircraft that the customer there really wants will be the Lockheed Martin F-35? We’ll have to wait and see on that one, as the type’s not liable to be available to them for some time yet.

Maybe the door isn’t fully closed on either the Typhoon or Rafale though, and both the UK and France will continue to work on having a strong military and industrial relationship with the Emirates.

Thanks for visiting the blog through 2013, and for sharing your views with us (sorry if you’ve been frustrated waiting for comments to appear; I moderate them as often as I can). We look forward to following the top stories with you next year too. Until then, here’s wishing you all a safe and peaceful festive period.

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