Getting set for Singapore

Greetings from sunny Singapore, where the Flight Daily News team is in place to cover Asia’s largest air show.

Kicking off on 11 February, the event has pulled in a decent array of military aircraft, particularly from the host nation and the US services. For the latter, that means debut appearances here for the MV-22 Osprey tiltrotor and the P-8 maritime patrol platform.

I’m not certain that we’re going to see any significant defence orders here, with perhaps the best hope being that some development could happen with Singapore choosing a new tanker; the options on the table are the Airbus A330 MRTT and Boeing’s in-development KC-46A. While most people seem to think that the former type is in the driving seat, neither company is discussing the issue: it’s best to leave such matters to MINDEF.

Other hot topics include a likely war of words over who would be the best choice to upgrade the home air force’s F-16s, and no doubt a few commercial airliners will be sold. And in new and interesting terms, IAI has pulled the covers from its “Super Heron HF”: looks like a Heron, but uses a heavy-fuel engine and sports new winglets. Nice.

For those who get to have more fun at shows, there are several aerobatic display teams in action too, including Singapore’s own F-16-equipped Black Knights (MINDEF-sourced image below), plus others from Indonesia and South Korea.

Black Knights - MINDEF

You can keep an eye on the latest events at the show by visiting our dedicated landing page.


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