B-2 downs raptor (the feathered kind)

Not one for the squeamish, perhaps, but a series of (literally) striking images has emerged from the current US Air Force detachment of two B-2 bombers to RAF Fairford in the UK.

They show what happened when an unfortunate Buzzard (a bird of prey, or raptor) flew into the path of a B-2 as it came in to land; look to our left of the nose landing gear door to spot it. Fair to say that the billion-dollar strategic bomber won out this time, as the second of the Rex Features-sourced images shows.

B-2 vs Buzzard

Buzzard loses

A near-miss for the Spirit though: a fully-grown Buzzard can weigh in at about 3lb and have a wingspan of almost 1.3m. Certainly not something you’d want in your recessed F118 engines.


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