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Will there ever be a military derivative of the Boeing 787?

Don’t expect a tanker version of Boeing’s 787 Dreamlineranytime soon, says Jim Albaugh–the company’s commercial aircraft divisionchief. But, of course, we knew that since the 767-derived KC-46 is going to bein production until at least 2028 with 179 examples built. But, as the US Air Force admits, the KC-46 design will bepretty long in the […]

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USAF F-15s intercept Korean Air 777 near Vancouver

Two US Air Force F-15 Eagle fighters were scrambled tointercept a Korean Air Boeing 777 airliner shortly after it took off fromVancouver, British Columbia, due to a bomb threat. The Boeing-built air superiority fighters were launched outof Portland, Oregon, under the auspices of the North American Aerospace DefenseCommand (NORAD) to intercept the airliner around 4:00 […]

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Question of the day: KC-787?

Everybody else seems to be Monday morning quarterbacking how Boeing lost the KC-X contract, so why can’t I? The US military acquisition community always SAY they want best value, but what they really want is best performance. Best value is a conveniently loose term that can be fudged to justify any decision. That’s why I […]

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Boeing’s delayed 787 looks to defense sector for help

I just published a news story on about Boeing’s decision to open a modification line for the 787 airliner in San Antonio. Check out the full story here. I don’t mention this in the article, but I believe this carries some significance for the US defense industry and for Boeing’s defense division, in particular. […]

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LIVEBLOG: 787 Program Update

Boeing has announced a six-month delay for the 787′s first delivery to All Nippon Airways. Read the announcement here and the report by Flight’s Mary Kirby here. Jim McNerney, Boeing CEO, James Bell, Boeing CFO and Scott Carson, President of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, is updating the press and market analysts at 1:30 pm. 1:31: Hold […]

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If you survive the crash, will the 787 kill you?

Why does Boeing want to make it harder for 787 passengers to survive a plane crash? That’s the hugely loaded question that is being asked this week by a 46-year Boeing engineer, Vince Weldon, who went public with his concerns about the 787′s crashworthiness on a Dan Rather-hosted TV special last night. Watch the show […]

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The 787 Before/After

Here is the original 7E7 artist’s concept when Boeing launched the program on April 26, 2004: And this is an image of Boeing’s first actual 787-8 Dreamliner. Quite a difference, no?

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