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After Iran; an aircraft model that really could fly

The emergence of Iran’s new “stealth fighter”, the Qaher 313, has got us all talking about ludicrous designs and crazy performance claims, so how about this as a follow-on? One of our Moscow-based correspondents sent us news of a reported gaffe by the republic of Tatarstan, which published an image of Russia’s developmental Altius UAV […]

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A400M update coming your way

Heads-up, DEW Liners, because I’ll be journeying to Seville later this week for a day of briefings on the A400M programme. This will be my first time at Airbus Military’s San Pablo site in about nine months, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much the Atlas final assembly line has busied up. Below is […]

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Hungarian Hind visits Leicester Square

London’s Leicester Square on 7 February played host to the star-studded premiere of the new film ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’, and no, we didn’t get an invite either. I was intrigued as why a movie about a trigger-happy US cop set in Moscow would require the promotional folks to exhibit what was clearly […]

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Thunderbirds set for 2015 re-launch

Good news today for people of a certain age (okay, and children too): there’s going to be a new series of ‘Thunderbirds’ produced for UK channel ITV. Gerry Anderson’s tales from Tracy Island are to be given a new-generation, CGI spin by ITV, Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop, according to a news release from the […]

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Spartan finds room for new-look SF-260 trainer

Alenia Aermacchi has issued fresh information about its revamped SF-260TP primary/basic trainer, along with some great images of the type being loaded into its C-27J Spartan tactical transport. The words “tight” and “fit” spring to mind, but it looks a great way of moving a light strike asset if you chose to arm the type […]

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Seville says Adios to last C212

Interesting to see that Airbus Military has delivered the last ever C212 to have been assembled at its San Pablo site in Seville, with all future examples to be completed in Indonesia. Greg Waldron from our Singapore office filed on the milestone event, which involved the last of three -400 examples produced for Vietnam’s coastguard. […]

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VIDEO: RAF puts Hawk T2 through its paces

Thanks to the good folks at the Royal Air Force’s 4 Sqn for putting together a punchy video showing their Hawk T2 advanced jet trainer in action. There’s some nice footage of the aircraft being put through its paces from the unit’s Valley home on Anglesey in locations including the nearby Pembrey Range and in […]

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Russia’s T-50 fighter stretches its legs

Almost two years and more than 200 flights into its test programme, Russia’s PAK-FA/T-50 fifth-generation fighter has made its first “long-distance” sortie. Completed on 17 January using Sukhoi’s fourth prototype, the multi-legged flight between the Komsomolsk-on-Amur production plant and the Zhukovsky military test centre near Moscow covered a cool 3,400nm (6,300km). Piloted by Sergey Bogdan, […]

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‘Salut’ to France’s first A400M

Airbus Military has today released a fresh-from-the-paint-hangar image showing the first production A400M Atlas in the colours of launch operator the French air force. With some of the Armee de l’Air’s aged C160 Transall and C-130H Hercules tactical transports currently supporting its Operation Serval activity in Mali, MSN7′s move towards first flight and a mid-year delivery […]

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Friday fun: Royal Navy denies coup allegations

It’s hard to follow the excellence of Dave’s GI Joe drone operator post, but I thought that in the spirit of Friday, this computer-generated image (courtesy of Rex Features) depicting one of the UK Royal Navy’s future aircraft carriers parked outside the nation’s seat of power was worth an airing too. No, this isn’t some […]

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