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Could Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) training help reduce F-35 costs?

Could live virtual constructive (LVC) training help reduce some of the F-35′s soaring costs? It might, if the US Air Force, US Navy and USMC didn’t need to continually cycle through fourth-generation machines or have other F-35s act as “Red Air” during training sorties.

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US Navy ONR works to reduce jet noise

The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research is studying new waysto reduce the impact of jet noise on carrier deck crews. The Navy says that jetnoise from tactical aircraft can reach 150 decibels on the flight line, whichis well above the safe limits for hearing. Factories, for example, are requiredto institute a hearing protection program […]

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US Air Force to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the B-52

The US Air Force’s Global Strike Command is planning on commemoratingthe 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress on15 April. The original event happened on 15 April, 1952, when the YB-52prototype took to the air over Seattle, Washington.  The YB-52 is actually the second Stratofortress built byBoeing. The XB-52, which was […]

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Too much encroachment around Naval Air Station Oceana?

The recent crash of US Navy F/A-18D Hornet from VFA-106 intoan apartment building in Virginia Beachraises the question: Is there already too much encroachment around Naval Air StationOceana? Read our coverage here and here It’s never a smart idea to build residential buildings neara busy airport or a busy military airfield, but this issue has […]

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USAF F-15s intercept Korean Air 777 near Vancouver

Two US Air Force F-15 Eagle fighters were scrambled tointercept a Korean Air Boeing 777 airliner shortly after it took off fromVancouver, British Columbia, due to a bomb threat. The Boeing-built air superiority fighters were launched outof Portland, Oregon, under the auspices of the North American Aerospace DefenseCommand (NORAD) to intercept the airliner around 4:00 […]

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Lockheed F-35C high-speed pass video–with terrible music as always…

Lockheed Martin has released another video of the F-35. This time it is of the F-35C making a high-speed pass. One must assume this is in anticipation of the 2012 Air, Sea and Space Exposition next week. Not the most spectacular footage, but that music is just awful. Might I humbly suggest using the mute […]

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Air Force physiology needs fixing, but perhaps the U-2 community might have some tips for their F-22 bros?

One of the stunning admissions that came out of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board F-22 briefing on 29 March was that the service had let its aerospace physiology competency atrophy.

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F-35 Night Aerial Refueling

Lockheed Martin has just released a new video of its F-35A conducting night aerial refueling. They have wisely incorporated a light so that the boom operator can see the receptacle clearly–which was something that had to be retrofitted onto the first few production F-22 Raptors. It’s a sharp looking jet, but the Raptor is far […]

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