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The DEW Line: Under new management

Dear faithful blog readers,Five years after launching The DEW Line on Flightglobal.com, I am turning over day-to-day management of the blog to my new colleague Dave Majumdar. We spotted Dave a few years ago, and helped introduced him to aerospace journalism through postings on this blog. Dave went on to cover the US Air Force […]

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raptor 4195 first flight 2012 560.jpg

PICTURE: First flight of last F-22

We last saw Raptor 4195 on 13 December after it rolled off Lockheed Martin’s assembly line in Marietta, Georgia. The last of 195 F-22s ordered by the US Air Force then moved to finishings and pre-flight checks. Finally, as Flightglobal’s Dave Majumdar exclusively reported yesterday, the still-naked 4195 bird passed the first flight milestone. Lockheed  […]

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Сверхзвуковой деловой самолет.jpg

Why is Russia’s new supersonic biz-jet concept painted camouflage?

Russia’s Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) — think NASA’s Langley Research Centre — is working on a new supersonic business jet. (See here for Russian-language news release issued earlier today.) Sukhoi and Tupolev of course have been working on this idea for decades, of course, but this one will be a little different. It’s supposed to […]

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Phantom Eye large area.jpg

I spy Boeing’s Phantom Eye

Boeing is close to flying the liquid hydrogen-powered Phantom Eye unmanned aircraft system, as Flightglobal’s UAV and Space editor Zach Rosenberg reported yesterday.Boeing did not release any new images of the high-altitude spy aircraft prototype, but that’s ok. Thanks to Google Earth, we don’t need it.It used to be that only aircraft like as the […]

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F-22 widow files lawsuit against Raptor contractors

The late Captain Jeffrey Haney’s widow is suing several F-22 contractors involved in making or integrating the stealth fighter’s life support systems. Haney died in November 2010 when his F-22 crashed in Alaska. Flightglobal US military reporter Dave Majumdar has posted a full article on the lawsuit, including Lockheed Martin’s statement that respectfully disagrees with […]

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Top Gun 2 will rock the F-35, Tom Burbage says

Maverick is becoming an F-35 test pilot.It’s true. Tom Burbage, the Lockheed Martin F-35 programme manager, showed up at a National Aeronautics Association luncheon today and dropped a bombshell of a Hollywood scoop. Sure, there was talk about schedules and budgets, partners and politics, software blocks and carrier hooks. But we’ll get to that later.The […]

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Top USAF general explains EXACTLY how to kill an F-22

Hopefully, you will never find yourself in air-to-air combat with a Lockheed Martin F-22,  particularly if you happen to be flying any other fighter besides an F-22. The Raptor still boasts a 30:1 kill ratio in mock dogfights (the only kind of dogfight, alas, the F-22 has ever known). Notice, however, the “:1″ part of […]

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SPOTTED: A mystery (ok, maybe Chinese) UAV in Uzbekistan

The DEW Line pal and former Jane’s colleague Josh Kucera reports today from Bishkek a new unmanned air vehicle has been spotted flying over Uzbekistan. To analyze its origins, we’ll use the classical analytical device known as the Goldilocks method. Predator/Gray Eagle/Reaper is too big, yet the UAV still seems too small to be a […]

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GRAPHIC: Go beneath the skin of the F-15 Silent Eagle

Cheers to Flightglobal artists Tim Bicheno-Brown and Tim Hall for a beautiful cutaway of the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle. Peel back the fuselage skin by clicking on the blue vertical stripe on the left side, dragging it to the right. And click here for our technical description of Boeing’s latest major update to the venerable […]

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And the MMRCA lowest-cost bidder is (drum roll) …

Flightglobal defence editor Craig Hoyle has confirmed the Dassault Rafale has been selected as the lowest-cost bidder for the Indian Air Force’s medium, multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) contract. Please ignore, for the moment, the sound of Veuve Clicquot corks popping all over Bordeaux-Merignac.We’ve been down this runway before with the Rafale. The French have demonstrated […]

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