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Ex-Spook Goes EDO

In the inaugural installment of The DEW Line’s "Revolving Door" series, we give you retired General John A. Gordon. From October 1997 until June 2000, this former US Air Force four-star general served as Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. He had previously been Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support. Mr. Gordon, welcome to […]

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Blame Rumsfeld (Part 1 …)

Donald Rumsfeld is the ultimate punching bag. Not only did he screw up the Iraq War, he also left the Bush Administration. That makes him the perfect target both within Republican circles and without. So forget about the careerist generals who let themselves get rolled by the Donalator, nevermind the Congressional overseers who looked the […]

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Zakheim: The Anti-Merc

Mercenaries, beware: Dov Zakheim (remember him?) doesn’t like you. Zakheim is a bona fide fat cat of the defense industry, a privileged member of the ultimate Old Boys Club. He used to sign checks for the DOD; now he collects them as a vice president for a big defense consulting firm. (Ah, the cycle of […]

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Iran Has the Bomb (well, maybe)

Accusing countries of harboring secret weapons programs is SOOOO 2003, but, as tweed is to fashion, some global security fads never truly go out of style. The hardest working man in political-military affairs, Anthony Cordesman has a new report out that helps us understand the Bush Administration’s current obsession with Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He concludes […]

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Russia Is Winning

It’s a dead-heat between the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and the Mikoyan MiG-35. France’s Dassault Rafale and Sweeden’s Saab/BAE Systems Gripen are not serious players. The competition may actually be just a proxy fight for deciding who can help India’s civil nuclear infrastructure the most. We are referring to the competition in India for a […]

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The Sky Is Falling (Part 1) …

This new academic paper claims Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier are well-along on a path to "strategic destruction". To sum up, outsourcing to Asian companies is bad because one day they will become stronger than the Western companies that now employ them and we will all become their slaves.Or something like that.The DEW Line detects a […]

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