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Was there ever a YF-24?

Was there ever a YF-24? The US Air Force says no. “Our historians said there is no record of there ever having been a YF-24,” says Lt Col Max Despain, an Air Force spokeswoman at the Pentagon. “Perhaps it’s being mistaken for an X-24 which wasn’t a fighter?” That said, this old bio for a […]

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AFA Air Warfare Symposium: Beechcraft, BAE show-off AT-6 and T-X sims respectively

This year’s Air Force Association Air Warfare Symposium inOrlando was understandably downbeat. Fewer US Air Force officials and theirindustry counterparts showed up due to the current fiscal climate. But somecontractors did show off their hardware. Their efforts paid-off, because whilefewer service officials attended, many top USAF officers did make the journeyto Florida. Beechcraft was one […]

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Awesome US Navy F/A-18F video, enjoy it while it lasts.

Check out this awesome video from the cockpit of a VFA-103 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet flying off the deck of USS Dwight D Eisenhower.  This video was produced by Carrier Strike Group 8 during the summer of 2012. But if the dire predictions of what might happen under sequestration come to fruition, we may not […]

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Video: Hitler explains sequestration

Sequestration… It takes effect on January 2nd 2013, just after the New Year, and automatically chops about $500 billion from the US Defense Department’s budget.  That is unless the Congress and executive branch can come to an agreement to stop it. What is sequestration? And what might happen if it actually goes into effect? It’s […]

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Last Boeing P-8 Poseidon LRIP I aircraft almost ready for delivery

The third day of our Boeing media tour of the PacificNorthwest afforded our pitiful hung-over band the opportunity to visit Boeing’s737 production line and to visit part of the P-8 Poseidon production line. To build the P-8, which is basically a 737 Next Gen 800fuselage with 900 wings, Boeing created a third ITAR-compliant line to […]

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US Navy’s transition from Prowlers to Growlers proceeding smoothly

The second day of our Boeing media trip to the PacificNorthwest found our motley band of defense reporters at Naval Air StationWhidbey Island, near Oak Harbor, Washington. The base is in the midst of a transition from the venerable,but still capable, Northrop Grumman EA-6B Prowler electronic attack aircraft tothe new Boeing EA-18G Growler–which is based […]

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Two high profile Washington DC resignations within the span of hours…

It’s been a weird day; we have had two high profile resignations today here in Washington, DC. First, retired US Army Gen David Petraeus, former commander of US forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan, resigned today as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency citing an extramarital affair. I suppose if you are European, I’m […]

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USAF’s LRS-B bomber proceeds, but is completely classified

The US Air Force’s new Long Range Strike-Bomber (LRS-B) program is entirely classified. The USAF isn’t just withholding technical data, the service won’t even share programmatic details such as if there is a system program office in place or a competition or anything else. “Specific LRS programmatic details are protected with enhanced security measures,” says […]

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USAF planning F-15 modernization–pilots say displays need more work

The USAF is modernizing its Boeing F-15 fleet–that includes both the C/D air superiority fighters and the multirole F-15E Strike Eagle. The USAF is adding active electronically scanned array radar, new electronic warfare systems, and adding a new display computer to the jets amongst a host of other upgrades. The modifications are probably the first […]

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Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle adds upgraded helmet mounted cueing system

Yesterday, my friend and colleague Greg Waldron, our defense reporter for Asia, reported that Boeing has integrated a new version of the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS) onto its F-15SE Silent Eagle demonstrator aircraft.  The new helmet is called the JHMCS II/h–and it is designed to be lighter and better balanced. Read his story here […]

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