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Top Gun: Boeing vs Airbus

I should have posted this yesterday, but there wasn’t enough time. Enjoy.

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Aircraft upset recovery training in Phoenix

The DEW Line doesn’t normally cover civilian aviation, butthe certain issues are important enough to warrant special attention–such asrecovering an aircraft from upset conditions. Upset conditions begin in aroughly defined “box” where the bank angles exceed 45˚ and attitudesexceed 25˚ nose-up and 10˚ nose-down for large jet aircraft. Typically, civilian pilot training does not cover […]

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USAF F-15s intercept Korean Air 777 near Vancouver

Two US Air Force F-15 Eagle fighters were scrambled tointercept a Korean Air Boeing 777 airliner shortly after it took off fromVancouver, British Columbia, due to a bomb threat. The Boeing-built air superiority fighters were launched outof Portland, Oregon, under the auspices of the North American Aerospace DefenseCommand (NORAD) to intercept the airliner around 4:00 […]

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If you survive the crash, will the 787 kill you?

Why does Boeing want to make it harder for 787 passengers to survive a plane crash? That’s the hugely loaded question that is being asked this week by a 46-year Boeing engineer, Vince Weldon, who went public with his concerns about the 787′s crashworthiness on a Dan Rather-hosted TV special last night. Watch the show […]

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October racing

I know this is primarily a defense industry blog, but I can’t help it: this 787 vs A380 race is going to be a hoot, folks. Yesterday, Singapore Airlines confirmed finally that it will operate the first flight of the A380 superjumbo on October 25. The 787 first flight was supposed to be August, then […]

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The 787 Before/After

Here is the original 7E7 artist’s concept when Boeing launched the program on April 26, 2004: And this is an image of Boeing’s first actual 787-8 Dreamliner. Quite a difference, no?

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Airlines beware: the SWA is falling

Southwest Airlines, the only carrier that Wall Street analysts love to love (or LUV?), announced today that it is deferring deliveries of 15 Boeing 737-700s. This is bad news for airlines. Very bad. I’ve polled my colleagues, who actually know a thing or two about the air transport industry, and no one can remember a […]

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Hedge Funds are the Answer

The way airlines buy aircraft today makes no sense. The current model doesn’t work for the customers, the manufacturers nor the financiers. The system has to change. Cheers to Fortune magazine for spotting one possible solution to this problem: hedge funds! (Really.) Here’s an excerpt, but check out the full article here: Traditionally, airlines purchased […]

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Boeing’s Predicts …

Boeing today has released its latest current market outlook for civil airliners, predicting again that air traffic growth should far out-pace the world’s economic growth. (China: Boeing says “thank you”.) Read it here. And Randy Tinseth’s Paris Air Show briefing here.

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