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Back from the brink

We’re back, after a couple of crazy weeks on the show circuit which kept me too busy to post here – for which, my apologies. If you missed them, our reporting teams were covering the events at AUVSI, and then the clashing ILA Berlin air show and EBACE business aviation get-together last week. So, where to […]

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What to expect in 2014?

We’re back in business after a lengthy festive break, with 2014′s first issue of Flight International including our finger-in-the-air forecasts for the year to come. With an eye on the defence sector, we ask whether peace is likely to break out in Afghanistan; if we’ll see a fresh round of European industrial consolidation; what the […]

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NH90 variants: a surprise total

We know how to have fun here on The DEW Line, so to prove it, I spent yesterday at a military airworthiness conference in London, with lots of safety-minded types. Between the lengthy and detailed discussions about the certification hurdles faced by companies and operators while bringing equipment like the A400M and A330 Voyager into […]

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C-130J recovery, and a blast from the past

Recently-posted images which show salvage activities performed after a landing mishap involving a US Air Force C-130J tactical transport in Afghanistan sent me searching YouTube for footage of a slightly different approach once taken by the UK military with one of its combat-damaged examples. In the case of the USAF aircraft, a recovery team was able […]

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First QF-16 target drone flies without pilot

The first Boeing QF-16 has flown at Tyndall without a pilot. Up next, live fire trials at Holloman AFB, New Mexico–where probably some F-22s or possibly even some operational F-16 will have a field day blowing them out of the sky. The format is jacked-up as usual, but still better to have a video than […]

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Chinese aerospace renaissance underway?

During the first half of 2013 a couple of new Chinesemilitary aviation projects have come to light. One recent development was thesighting of China’s Sharp Sword unmanned combat air vehicle, which was revealedin May. More recently, images have emerged of a structural model of whatappears to be a new Chinese stealth bomber. While many are […]

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Canada’s F-35 procurement saga

Flight International’s Canada special was released today. Our cover story is about Canada’s military aircraft procurements and focuses on that nation’s quest to replace its ageing fleet of 78 Boeing CF-18 Hornet fighters with the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Read the full story here. You actually will have to register for access to […]

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Will Y-20 have indigenous engine for 2017 service entry?

After yesterday’s China Daily story quoting Xian Y-20 design chief Tang Jun (also spelled Tang Changhong) about the type’s export potential, the Ministry of National Defence has published another China Daily story based on his comments. The exuberant headline says it all: “Confidence sky-high over jumbo cargo plane.” “The country’s first jumbo airfreighter is set […]

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Was there ever a YF-24?

Was there ever a YF-24? The US Air Force says no. “Our historians said there is no record of there ever having been a YF-24,” says Lt Col Max Despain, an Air Force spokeswoman at the Pentagon. “Perhaps it’s being mistaken for an X-24 which wasn’t a fighter?” That said, this old bio for a […]

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565-Boeing_F A-XX_01.jpg

What will replace the F-15E Strike Eagle?

The US Air Force hopes to keep its fleet of Boeing F-15EStrike Eagle multirole fighters in service into the 2030s, but it has nodefinitive plan to eventually replace those aircraft.   Read the full article here   The Strike Eagle is arguably the best multirole combataircraft in the USAF’s inventory. No other fighter offers the […]

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