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USAF looks to upgrade UH-1Ns

The US Air Force is asking industry for information on howto increase the Bell UH-1N’s endurance, range, speed, all-weather capability,survivability and equip it with modernized communication and navigation systemcapabilities. The USAF wants that requirement filled in fiscal years 2014 to2018.   Given that laundry list, it sure sounds like the USAFbasically wants to recreate the […]

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US Air Force to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the B-52

The US Air Force’s Global Strike Command is planning on commemoratingthe 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress on15 April. The original event happened on 15 April, 1952, when the YB-52prototype took to the air over Seattle, Washington.  The YB-52 is actually the second Stratofortress built byBoeing. The XB-52, which was […]

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Too much encroachment around Naval Air Station Oceana?

The recent crash of US Navy F/A-18D Hornet from VFA-106 intoan apartment building in Virginia Beachraises the question: Is there already too much encroachment around Naval Air StationOceana? Read our coverage here and here It’s never a smart idea to build residential buildings neara busy airport or a busy military airfield, but this issue has […]

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Air Force physiology needs fixing, but perhaps the U-2 community might have some tips for their F-22 bros?

One of the stunning admissions that came out of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board F-22 briefing on 29 March was that the service had let its aerospace physiology competency atrophy.

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CBO budget forecast: An allegorical interpretation

The Congressional Budget Office’s report out today summarizing long-term defense spending plans should be read a bit like a Lewis Carroll novel: Don’t take anything too literally and just have fun spotting all the hidden meanings. Here’s what I found: 1) The USAF has dumbed-down requirements for the long-range strike aircraft from the B-2 to […]

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US Army disses NFL lineman

Trolling the US military’s contract solicitations is always a fun diversion for readers with a taste for irony. Take the US army’s solicitation yesterday (click here) for a NFL tour group to shake hands and sign autographs for the troops in Afghanistan. The contract requires the vendor to deliver three active or recently retired NFL […]

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Deep thoughts with Nick Chabraja

Wall Street thinks Nick Chabraja, CEO of General Dynamics, is one of the shrewdest — if least talkative — executives in the aerospace and defense business. If you’re looking for someone to read political-industrial-strategic tea leaves for you, Chabraja’s your man. And he’s expected to retire in the near future, so savor his words now. […]

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