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USAF Test Pilot School starts Cyber course

The US Air Force Test Pilot School has started a newcyber-systems course. “We are the place where the world comes to learn abouttest and evaluation. With the introduction of the Cyber Systems Test Course, wecan now teach our graduates and others the framework for testing cyber systemsin a contested environment,” says Col Noel Zamot, TPS […]

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Boeing shows off new Super Hornet display

Boeing is showing off some of the advanced features it isproposing for the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. Some of these include conformal fueltanks, an external weapons pod to reduce the jet’s radar cross-section, betterengines, and a new missile warning system among other improvements.   Inside the cockpit (both cockpits in the case of theF-model) is a […]

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NATO allies are interested in Lockheed’s K-MAX- what about the US Army?

Lockheed Martin’s modified optionally-manned Kaman K-MAX isdoing well in US Marine Corps user trials in Afghanistan. While the USMC isprobably onboard, what about the US Army? They could certainly use somethinglike this. But do they have the money and the interest? That is the question…Meanwhile, NATO countries are apparently lining up to buy it according […]

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US Navy ONR works to reduce jet noise

The US Navy’s Office of Naval Research is studying new waysto reduce the impact of jet noise on carrier deck crews. The Navy says that jetnoise from tactical aircraft can reach 150 decibels on the flight line, whichis well above the safe limits for hearing. Factories, for example, are requiredto institute a hearing protection program […]

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The BAMS story I never wrote …

I started covering the US Navy’s off-again/on-again Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) program about five years ago. It’s been back on for two years and — last I checked — poised for a contract selection decision in five days. This makes me sad. Why? Because I just thought of an obvious angle for a BAMS […]

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New light on F2AST

You’ll see a lot of news print (and electrons) this year on the big US defense procurements with names like KC-X, BAMS, JTRS and the like, and that’s appropriate. But you won’t see much coverage of a very different sort of contract competition underway within the US Air Force, despite its enormous significance for the […]

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Will army aviation finally break out of its 30-year rut?

The AUSA hosts the Army Aviation Symposium this week, which gives me the perfect excuse to ask one of my favorite questions: What will it take to get US military helicopter technology out of its long and barren rut? I believe the last all-new aircraft designed, built and fielded for the US military was the […]

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India: a US defense industry tour

Boeing today announced signing a 10-year, $1 billion deal with Hindustan Aeronautics to shift technology development and manufacturing operations to India. Raytheon announced a similar-but-less-specific plan and signed a partnership agreement with Tata about a year ago, and generally “looks forward to expanding its relationship with India“. Lockheed Martin apparently has been in India the […]

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Why don’t defense companies blog?

I’m getting asked more and more by defense industry public relations departments about this whole blogging thing. Social media has apparently become a trend that most of them can no longer ignore. Questions are asked: am I a blogger or a journalist who blogs? Have the rules changed? Which bloggers are important and which bloggers […]

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DARPA says: “There’s no ‘I’ in UAV”

This morning I was at Northrop Grumman’s offices in Rosslyn, Va., for a press briefing on the DARPA-funded HURT II program. (HURT=Heterogeneous Unmanned Reconnaissance Team). Click here to see the power-point presentation. The idea is pretty straightforward. One day, the US Army may want to operate its unmanned aircraft fleet more like a collaborative team, […]

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