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Will there ever be a military derivative of the Boeing 787?

Don’t expect a tanker version of Boeing’s 787 Dreamlineranytime soon, says Jim Albaugh–the company’s commercial aircraft divisionchief. But, of course, we knew that since the 767-derived KC-46 is going to bein production until at least 2028 with 179 examples built. But, as the US Air Force admits, the KC-46 design will bepretty long in the […]

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Air Force physiology needs fixing, but perhaps the U-2 community might have some tips for their F-22 bros?

One of the stunning admissions that came out of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board F-22 briefing on 29 March was that the service had let its aerospace physiology competency atrophy.

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Energy Man

Who says the top minds of the Department of Defense aren’t focused on energy policy? I give you James L. Jones, retired US Marine Corps general (as in, four stars), former head of US European Command and Supreme Commander Allied Powers Europe, ex-commandant of the Marine Corps and (trivia alert) veteran of the siege at […]

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Oil-Free By 2050

The US military needs oil — about 300,000 barrels a day, in fact — to fight. Lots of oil comes from the same places where the military actually is fighting today, or may be fighting sometime in the not so distant future (Iran, are you listening?) Oh, the irony! It should come as no surprise […]

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It’s the Gas Stupid (Part 2)

After picked up my post about Active Combustion Controls for aircraft engines, a reader named Neil asked this question: I wonder, why has it taken this long to be able to try enabling this advance? I would think, real fuel injection for jets and not just the same afterburner stuff we’ve had for decades, […]

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It’s the Gas, Stupid

The US Air Force has just issued a rather innocuous-looking notice for a new technology called "active combustion control". But this is quite a momentous development, and here’s why. Today, the air force has two kinds of warplanes that can survive in modern and future combat, in which fighters and bombers have to compete with […]

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