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Will there ever be a military derivative of the Boeing 787?

Don’t expect a tanker version of Boeing’s 787 Dreamlineranytime soon, says Jim Albaugh–the company’s commercial aircraft divisionchief. But, of course, we knew that since the 767-derived KC-46 is going to bein production until at least 2028 with 179 examples built. But, as the US Air Force admits, the KC-46 design will bepretty long in the […]

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The Schwartz is strong with the USAF’s KC-46 program…

Looks like the Schwartz is strong withthe KC-46 program…  The US Air Force has negotiated anexceptionally good deal for itself on the new Boeing KC-46 tanker from allappearances. If everything goes according to plan, this could work out verywell for the USAF.  Though the program is costing more thanthe negotiated contract price of $4.4 billion, […]

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Proposed names for KC-45A, via AirSpace

Nominations so far on AirSpace discussion forum: ‘Boeing KC-767A’ ‘Flirty Thirty’ ‘Mobile home’ [ the Alabama assembly line] ‘Fortress Europe’ ‘Fruit of the boom’ ‘Just desserts’

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Northrop/EADS tanker spider chart, en Espanol

You could view this as a reflection of our increasingly globalized defense trade. Perhaps it’s even a clue about the next move for the Northrop/EADS partnership. It’s a Spanish-language copy of the infamous Northrop Grumman/EADS “spider chart” that apparently proved so persuasive to the US Air Force. The photo below was snapped in the exhibit […]

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N526BA: the USAF’s “lost 767″ flies

Freelance photographer Matt Cawby has posted great photos of the first flight of N526BA, a 767-400ER once destined for service as a US Air Force testbed for the aborted E-10A program. Two more good shots on the ground here and here. The USAF cancelled the contract for the N526BA in October 2007 after deciding not […]

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This blog is on vacation

Regular updates will return on March 12. Until then, I invite you to view the growing list of comments about Northrop Grumman’s shocking victory for the KC-X contract. Also, I’ll invite you to revisit some highly speculative thoughts I wrote a few months ago about the potential industrial base implications of a KC-30 victory. Here’s […]

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Pricing Northrop’s KC-X bid: how low is too low?

We may never know how Northrop Grumman’s price compared to Boeing’s offer because the loser never has to say. Neither may we ever learn exactly how price factored into the US Air Force’s surprise selection of the KC-30, which is based on a modified Airbus A330-200 passenger airliner. USAF officials merely said that price was […]

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KC-X Countdown: Malaysia gets the scoop, EADS “wins”

As reported yesterday by the Malaysia Sun:

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KC-X Countdown: The view from Mobile

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AUDIO: USAF media roundtable on KC-X

I attended the US Air Force’s media roundtable on KC-X held on 15 February in the Pentagon. You can download my audio recording of the event here. The first four minutes are missing because I arrived a little late (darn that security line!). But I still got a seat at the head of the conference […]

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