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Cockpits and cameras: a bad combination

Be careful what you leave near the controls when you’re flying a military jet, was the clear message contained within an interim Service Inquiry report released by the UK Military Aviation Authority (MAA) earlier in the week. On 9 February, several people were injured when a Royal Air Force-operated Airbus A330 Voyager tanker/transport (Crown Copyright […]

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Video: Hitler explains sequestration

Sequestration… It takes effect on January 2nd 2013, just after the New Year, and automatically chops about $500 billion from the US Defense Department’s budget.  That is unless the Congress and executive branch can come to an agreement to stop it. What is sequestration? And what might happen if it actually goes into effect? It’s […]

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Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards claim they are reverse engineering RQ-170 tech

The commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards’air arm claims that the Middle Eastern nation is reverse engineering thestealthy Lockheed Martin RQ-170 unmanned aircraft that crashed inside itsborders last December.   According to the Iranian Mehr “news” agency, the Guards’ airchief Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, says that the country’s expertshave managed to crack the […]

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Air Force physiology needs fixing, but perhaps the U-2 community might have some tips for their F-22 bros?

One of the stunning admissions that came out of the US Air Force Scientific Advisory Board F-22 briefing on 29 March was that the service had let its aerospace physiology competency atrophy.

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Typo alert: C-130 masquerades as C-17

Note to US Department of Defense: Contrary to today’s photo gallery captions on, an airframe sporting a high T-tail, four turbofans and a massive fuselage is usually not associated with the Lockheed Martin C-130.

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Typo of the Year

It’s arguable that no two companies in the US defense industry compete as fiercely as General Atomics, which builds the Predator, and Northrop Grumman, which makes the Global Hawk. That’s why this obviously mistaken contract award notice today by the US Department of Defense is so beautifully ironic, worthy of my newly-created Typo of the […]

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What Killed the Polecat?

Flying an unmanned aircraft can be a little like skiing downhill backwards. When you’re no longer absolutely sure you’re going in the right direction, it’s probably a good time to just fall down. We’re not really sure why the P-175 Polecat — the latest Skunk Works creation anybody outside of Palmdale is allowed to know […]

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Baaaaaddddd Typo

All typos are bad. Some are REAL bad. Read it on DefenseLink: Raytheon Co., Tucson, Ariz., was awarded a $23,700,000 cost-reimbursement contract on Mar. 2, 2007, to procure long lead material in support of the FY07 production of Evolved Seasparrow Missiles (ESSM) for NATO Seasparrow Consortium countries and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers.    Raytheon […]

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