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Chinese aerospace renaissance underway?

During the first half of 2013 a couple of new Chinesemilitary aviation projects have come to light. One recent development was thesighting of China’s Sharp Sword unmanned combat air vehicle, which was revealedin May. More recently, images have emerged of a structural model of whatappears to be a new Chinese stealth bomber. While many are […]

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Welsh to become the new USAF chief

Gen Mark Welsh is being nominated to become the new USAF chief of staff once Gen Norton Schwartz retires in August. Welsh has long been a favorite to take over the top job… all of my USAF contacts that I’ve talked to today are openly rejoicing. He is apparently very popular amongst the troops it would […]

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Source Watch: Wheeler on Defense Budget

Earlier today, I forecasted that the DOD budget will soon equal the 5% of GDP benchmark clumsily called for by the American Enterprise Institute. To sum up: the AEI’s Gary J. Schmitt and Thomas Donnelly think the defense budget should rise until it hits about 5% of GDP. And, as I pointed out, that’s redundant. […]

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Source Watch: Aboulafia on C-17

Richard Aboulafia, The DEW Line’s favorite logorrheic aerospace analyst for the Teal Group, gave The Los Angeles Times on March 3 an interesting quote about the future of the approaching-death’s-door-again C-17 production line. Says the Times story: But the program is likely to get another reprieve, much as it did last fall, because of strong […]

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