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KC-X: Does Lichte still want a “more” tanker?

When the US Air Force announced on February 29, 2008 that Northrop Grumman/EADS North America beat Boeing for the KC-X contract, a reporter asked the chief of Air Mobility Command — Gen Arthur Lichte — why. Here’s that exchange: Q: And just to follow, did size matter in this issue? I mean, the KC-30 istwice as […]

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Airbus might make the A330 tanker heavier

Airbus is increasing the maximum takeoff weight for the A330-200 airliner by 10,000 pounds, or 5 tons. The new, 238-ton aircraft will be available after 2010.Derek Davies, investor marketing director for Airbus, publicly unveiled the slightly heftier A330 at the US Valuation Conference, which I’m attending this morning. (The conference is hosted at the Jury’s […]

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What’s the next move for Northrop Grumman/EADS North America?

All eyes seem focused on Boeing’s next move. Do they want todelay the tanker RFP to switch to the KC-767-400ER? Or perhaps even theKC-777F? Another interesting question is what will the NorthropGrumman/EADS North America team do to respond? The KC-30B is based on the A330-200 passengerairliner, which, thanks to the tanker proposal process, has now […]

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