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Life’s certainties: death, taxes and C-130s

A media roundtable in the Pentagon yesterday about the C-130 lasted an hour, but there was so much information we could have used two or three hours. Not bad for a 55-year-old production line! For the purposes of storytelling, I will greatly simplify the various activities into three major threads.LM’s Cool “J”The US Air Force […]

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What’s Ralph Crosby’s next move?

Last Friday, myself and a few other reporters sat with Ralph Crosby on a round-trip flight to Columbus, Mississippi, and back. Crosby, CEO of EADS North America, wanted to show off his company’s scantly-covered factory where Eurocopter EC-145s will be assembled as UH-72s for the US Army. My purpose was related, but different. I wanted […]

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The A400M plot thickens

In case you needed re-assurance that the Airbus A400M is going to be a major player in the US military transport market, EADS last month posted the following chart on its web site: So EADS projects selling more than 400 A400Ms in North America! Subtract 20 or 30 for Canada, and that still leaves a […]

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