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Taming the Wildcat

We like a good exclusive here onFlightglobal, so I was happy to get the chance to tag along with our helicoptertest pilot Peter Gray in late April, as he became the first civilian to flyAgustaWestland’s new AW159. Being delivered as the Wildcat to theBritish Army and UK Royal Navy (which have so far received 14 […]

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Coming soon: we tame the Wildcat

I tagged along with Flight International test pilot Peter Gray at AgustaWestland’s Yeovil site in the UK yesterday, as he became the first civilian to fly the company’s AW159 helicopter. We’ll be running an exclusive flight test report about the experience in the 21-27 May edition of the magazine, which you’ll also be able to […]

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Denmark falls for Romeo

AgustaWestland suffered a Danish tragedy on 21 November, when the nation’s defence ministry confirmed the selection of the rival Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin MH-60R Seahawk (US Navy image below) to meet its future shipborne helicopter requirements. Nine “Romeos” will be delivered between 2016 and 2018 under the deal, which still requires the final go-ahead from Denmark’s finance ministry. […]

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#AUSA2010: Kiowa Warrior steals spotlight

After surviving two attempts to field a replacement scouthelicopter, the Bell Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior is only getting strongeras the US Army considers a wide range of options for its future. The Kiowa Warrior assumed a starring role on the service’sbiggest stage — the annual convention of the Association of the US Army. Army officials […]

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CBS News sparks VH-71 feeding frenzy

The Pentagon first disclosed a roughly 65% cost overrun for the VH-71 program nearly a year ago, and officially notified Congress of the Nunn-McCurdy breach last month.So why was it such a big news story today?Thank CBS Evening News. It’s story last night seemed to open a floodgate of reporting today.Here’s the current program status: […]

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Don’t look now, but CSAR-X is back

The deadline for submitting bids in the third round of the CSAR-X competition passed today in awkward silence. It’s only a $15 billion contract award now entering source selection, yet it was almost ignored.But maybe the silence is understandable. No one is sure if the new administration will allow the US Air Force to award […]

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Sikorsky/Schweizer on ARH: We’re in

Sikorsky has confirmed they will respond to a US army “sources sought” notice for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter re-competition. “Yes, we will be presenting both short- and long-term solutions,” a Sikorsky spokesman says. I didn’t even have to ask a follow up! “To your next question, I must decline to elaborate on those solutions,” he […]

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Army starts re-competition for armed reconnaissance helicopter

Here we go again. The US Army has issued a “sources sought” notice for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter contract stripped last month from the Bell 407 (nee ARH-70) programme. The Army may procure up to 512 new Armed ReconnaissanceHelicopters with the capability to perform a Hover out of Ground Effect(HOGE) at 6,000 ft/95 degrees Fahrenheit […]

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US Army again says “no” to Europeans for ARH

European-made helicopters are unlikely to be eligible for a possible recompetition of the US Army armed reconnaissance helicopter (ARH) contract. Before Bell beat Boeing three years ago to win the original contract, AgustaWestland hoped to propose either the A109, A119, A129 or AW139 and Eurocopter wanted to offer AS550 or EC635. Both European bidders were […]

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Lockheed critiques spark CSAR-X shoot-out

Lockheed Martin started it.The defense contractor teamed with AgustaWestland to offer the US101 for the $11 billion CSAR-X contract award went negative on Thursday, dishing to reporters about the key “weaknesses” facing both of their competitors.The Sikorsky HH-92 proposal is “high-risk”, according to Lockheed, because they’ve decided late in the bidding process to switch to […]

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