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Pros & Cons: Armed scout rivals

The US Army officially remains undecided, but it’s not for a lack of options. There are instead plenty of potential heirs of the venerable OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, the army’s “interim” armed scout since the late-1960s. Here are some pro’s and con’s of the five main contenders in no particular order.1. Sikorsky S-97 RaiderPROs: The coaxial-rotor, […]

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Army starts re-competition for armed reconnaissance helicopter

Here we go again. The US Army has issued a “sources sought” notice for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter contract stripped last month from the Bell 407 (nee ARH-70) programme. The Army may procure up to 512 new Armed ReconnaissanceHelicopters with the capability to perform a Hover out of Ground Effect(HOGE) at 6,000 ft/95 degrees Fahrenheit […]

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