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VIDEO: My private Boeing helicopter airshow

For a special breakfast treat, Boeing drove us deep into the desert along Arizona’s Beeline Highway. A few hundred yards off the road, we stopped in the brush and waited for our private airshow to start. Soon enough, a Boeing-owned AH-6i demonstrator and a US Army AH-64 Apache crew formed up and showed us their stuff. […]

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VIDEO: Killing time on the live-fire range

In between assignments in Fort Worth and Phoenix, I dropped by the Angel Thunder combat search and rescue exercise yesterday. Although based in Tucson, the exercise is conducted on a grand scale, covering ground from California to Texas.The particular scenario I was allowed to observe occurred on the live ordnance range near Gila Bend, Arizona.  […]

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Forecast predicts a rotorcraft revival

[Quick note: Thanks for everyone's patience, understanding and condolences over the past week. You guys -- and all of you seem to be guys, by the way -- have been so supportive. Now, it's back to the grind!] Can the US military rotorcraft industry build anything besides the UH-60 Black Hawk, AH-64 Apache or CH-47 […]

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Bell Helicopter reveals “Hybrid Tandem Rotor” to replace AH-64 and UH-60

The mysterious sign in Bell Helicopter’s exhibit space today at the Army Aviation Associaton of America’s (Quad-A) convention simply reads: “It’s not a tiltrotor … what is it?”It is Bell’s candidate for replacing both the AH-64 and UH-60 with an all-new configuration called the Hybrid Tandem Rotor, Robert Kenney, Bell’s executive VP for government programs, […]

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Finally the army says: Make me a new helicopter

Army aviation is in pretty good shape (ignoring for a moment the recurring ARH-70 fiasco), but there’s one glaring omission. No all-new military helicopter has entered the fleet since the early 1980s. The cancellation of the costly RAH-66 Comanche in 2004 allowed the army to revitalize its aviation branch, but it also meant that it […]

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Crystal ball-gazing the X2′s military future

—————————-> With theSikorsky X2 prototype achieving first flight yesterday, it’s a good time to discussits military potential. The X2 isdesigned with a coaxial main rotor and an aft pusher propeller in order to breakthe conventional helicopter’s roughly 170-knot/hour speed barrier. And itsfly-by-wire controls and modern avionics are supposed to defeat the highvibration and high workload […]

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