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‘Cablegate’ scoops on Rafale, Israeli UAVs, Turkey’s F-35s

Buried in Wikileaks’ latest document dump exposing about 250,000 US diplomatic cables are a few items of real interest to the global aerospace industry. Here’s my list of the five most interesting cables:1. A cable on 4 November 2009 summarizes a meeting between then-US Central Command chief Gen David Petraeus and King Hamad bin Isa […]

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BVR and Russian roulette

Beyond visual range (BVR) will remain the raging controversy in air combat until a definitive, modern air war — which nobody wants — proves which side is correct. The Air Power Australia group, which defiantly wears its pro-F-22/anti-F-35 bias on its sleeve, make a strong case today against BVR, breaking down the odds of failure […]

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JSF = Mach 1.05

(File photo)This just in from Lockheed Martin:F-35 prototype AA-1 registered its first Mach 1.05 test point today, passing the milestone flight test event carrying a 5,400lb full weapons load. Full weapons load includes two 2,000lb joint direct attack munitions (JDAMs) and two AIM-120 advanced medium range air to air missiles (AMRAAMs).

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