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FARNBOROUGH: Dave flies the Eurofighter sim… also the Airbus A400 was there

So my colleagues Zach Rosenberg, Greg Waldron and I stopped by the Eurofighter Typhoon chalet this afternoon… There wasn’t any beer–which is unusual for Germans. But they let me play with their Typhoon sim–it was only a cockpit demonstrator, but a Eurofighter flight-test engineer (who wasn’t German, but was from some other part of Europe) […]

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VIDEO: MICA-equipped Mirage 2000 vs Vueling A320

This is what it looks like when a Dassault Mirage 2000 intercepts an A320 after the airline apparently suffers an on-board communications glitch. Note the 2-minute mark where you see the Mirage pilot snapping photos of the A320. Spotters are everywhere these days, I tell you! Tip: If you don’t like Kings of Leon, you […]

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WTO Day: Links, Updates & More

12:31: Scanning the conclusions of the WTO report, the panel has two statements that seem to contradict a third (although, of course, I’m not a lawyer).On one hand, the panel says “yes”: the US side did prove Airbus received subsidies, and those subsidies “displaced the exports of a like product of the US” in eight […]

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Watch A400M at Berlin air show

My colleagues covering the ILA air show in Berlin this week captured the Airbus A400M’s flying display yesterday. It’s definitely worth a good look. Also, read Craig Hoyle’s article.

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PODCAST: Addison Schonland interviews top A400 test pilot

Flying the A400M IAGblog Podcasts My buddy Addison Schonland, IAGBlog podcaster, has a great interview with Airbus A400M chief test pilot Ed Strongman. I was interested to learn that a single 11,000shp TP400 can make the C-130 climb at a rate of 1,000ft/min. But we’ll most likely remember the interview for Strongman’s bold statement the […]

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C-17 and A400M had a baby … in China

Back in 2005 two Flight colleagues — Brendan Sobie and Andrew Doyle — broke the story that China’s Xian Aircraft Corp was developing a four-jet freighter sized between a C-130 and a C-17.Well, four years later, the always fantastic China Military Aviation site has posted the first images of the Y-20. Does anything about this […]

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VIDEO: Airbus A400M, airborne

Source: Signatory Videos (h/t: Bolsoy – thanks!) READ FLIGHT’S FULL COVERAGE HERE

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KC-X: Does Lichte still want a “more” tanker?

When the US Air Force announced on February 29, 2008 that Northrop Grumman/EADS North America beat Boeing for the KC-X contract, a reporter asked the chief of Air Mobility Command — Gen Arthur Lichte — why. Here’s that exchange: Q: And just to follow, did size matter in this issue? I mean, the KC-30 istwice as […]

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An A400M solution: Swap American transports for French tankers?

Bloomberg columnist Celestine Bohlen this morning proposes a radical solution to the “A400M nightmare”: Have Europe agree to dump the troubled airlifter and buy US-made C-17s and C-130Js. In exchange, somehow force the US Air Force to agree to buy an all-Airbus tanker fleet (presumably without competition)! The Paris-based Bohlen writes: There may be a […]

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Random 10 List: Things I learned on the F-35 factory tour

LockheedMartin says:   1. The $800million gap in FY10 F-35 budget — $11.2 billion announced in April dwindled to$10.4 billion in May – may reflect program’s MILCON account 2. BF-1 STOVLaircraft will start a 12- to 24-flight conversion program to full verticallanding in July in Fort Worth, and complete inSeptember at NAS Patuxent River 3. Frontal-aspectradar cross […]

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